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Oracle Exadata Ratgeber - So finden Sie die passende Lösung

Die Anforderungen an moderne IT-Landschaften sind zahlreich - insbesondere, wenn es um die Themen Datenerfassung, -verwaltung und -aufbereitung geht. Hochperformante Datenbanksysteme bilden die Grundlage hierfür. Dabei ist es e...

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UK Smart Government 2019 Data-Driven Transformation - Research Report

Transitioning to citizen-centric service delivery, Brexit planning, implementing new digital services and adopting an evidence-based policy development are all transformational undertakings for the UK government and its departm...

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Data-Centric Government: In Numbers

Across government, phase one of digital transformation has made real progress. But what are the challenges up ahead, and how can you overcome them for future success? Let’s look at what the numbers tell us…

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Taking the next steps towards Data-Drieven Government: Your roadmap to digital transformation 2.0

The first and most obvious phase of digital transformation, the digitalisation of services, has been a significant success and is ongoing. Creating truly smart government that’s capable of delivering citizen centricity, is emin...

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UK Smart Government 2019 Data-Driven Transformation

Modern governments across Europe must orchestrate an evolving array of services and functions required to support millions of people, often with a pressure to “do more with less” and under the glare of public scrutiny. The p...

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Rack Level High Density Liquid Cooling

Increased heat densities of IT Equipment (ITE) in high performance data centers continues to drive the need for more efficient and effective cooling technologies. Traditional air cooling is not a sustainable solution in these s...

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Global adoption of the cloud is accelerating at a dizzying rate each year with businesses of all sizes realizing the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits of migrating and running applications in the cloud. In our ...

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For Dummies: NVMe over Fibre Channel

Unless you’ve been holed up in Siberia herding reindeer since the launch of Sputnik 1, you probably know that your kid’s hand-me-down iPhone 3 could whup the Apollo 13 in both computing and storage capacity. And you likely are ...

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IBM Storwize V5000: Einfache Nutzung in sämtlichen Umgebungen

Informationstechnologie ist die treibende Kraft hinter den geschäftlichen Erfolgen von heute. Der Begriff digitale Ö konomie wurde in den 1990er Jahren geprägt. Heute – Jahrzehnte später – sind die meisten modernen Geschäftsint...

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IBM Storwize V5000: Facilità d’uso per tutti gli ambienti

La tecnologia informatica è oggi la forza trainante alla base del successo aziendale. Il termine economia digitale è stato coniato negli anni ‘90 del 1900. Ora, a distanza di decenni, la maggior parte delle interazioni e dei ra...

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