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Fundamentals of Building a Test System

Most organizations do not consider production test a top priority, but it is a necessity to prevent major quality issues in the products that represent the company brand in the hands of customers. The costs, however, can be significant and are often greatly misunderstood, especially when there’s no easy way to quantify the positive business impact of high-quality products or shortened time to market. But best-in-class organizations are unfazed by this “necessary evil” viewpoint, because they seek to understand the total cost of developing, depl ...more

Secure Access to Field Device Data Holds the Key to Digitization and Optimized Maintenance

The digitization of field devices offers plant operators a huge potential to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. With over 40 million field devices installed, the HART communication protocol is the most widely used digital communication technology in the process industry. This Whitepaper shows how the HART signal can be used for continuous device monitoring and diagnosis to provide considerable added value over the complete plant lifecycle – from planning and installation through to operation and maintenance. If you re ...more

Bundled White Papers: Strategies to Manage Obsolescence in Aerospace and Defense Test

Test engineers spend as much as 50 percent of their time (or even more in some cases) actively dealing with obsolescence in their test program sets. Read about different solutions in the marketplace to help you overcome the challenges you face today. Also explore best practices in operations implementation, hardware acquisition, and software design to reduce the sustainment burden of handling obsolescence in test systems long before the equipment goes end of life. ...more

Digitization changes logistics

The industry is divided: As a recent study by Produktion shows, supply chain management is prepared for digitization. But only 25% of those surveyed see the transport sector ready. However, there are already successful examples in all areas of logistics....more on

Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI

Industry giant Microsoft is investing $1 billion in OpenAI, a company founded a few years ago by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. The aim is to improve development and research work in order to positively influence AI growth. The aim is to promote the responsible development of artificial intelligence. ...more on

Stanford and NASA cooperate and launch IoT satellites into space

Stanford and NASA have jointly launched numerous small Internet of Things satellites into space. These satellites are intended to bring about significant improvements in space research in the future and provide scientists with more data relating to our universe. This should lead to new insights into the Earth. The project started a few years ago on Kickstarter - it was created by a team of students....more on

Anything as a Service

Gone are the days when Software as a Service was a novelty. Today, alongside PaaS, IaaS and Co., there is almost every service on demand – XaaS is born. So there is also AR, advanced training or robot as a service. Read more about the new service offerings at ...more on

Decreasing Time to Design in the Industrial Internet of Things

Discussions about the industrial market today are often focused on the vast potential in the industrial IoT (IIoT). The huge potential for innovation offers the promise of significant productivity gains, operational efficiency and bottom line revenue increases, but only if it’s enabled by a supply chain based on reliability, stability and longevity. These values will be even more important as manufacturers and system integrators adopt greater levels of automation, connectivity and autonomy—all with faster design cycles and more competition i ...more

Key Considerations for Powertrain HIL Test

Safety, availability, and cost considerations can make performing thorough tests of embedded control devices using the complete system impractical. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a real-time test technique used to test these devices more efficiently. During HIL test, the physical system that interfaces to an embedded control device is simulated on real-time hardware, and the outputs of the simulator mimic the actual output of the physical system. The embedded controller “thinks” it is in a real system. HIL simulation meticulously test ...more

The Workstation Buyer's Guide for Manufacturing and Engineering

Forward-looking enterprises are investing in digital transformation, acquiring technology and services that accelerate innovation, enhance competitiveness, and help develop new areas of growth. Workstations are often crucial for development and use of manufactured machines. What you will learn in this infobrief: 1 Digital transformation means many key parts of the business now depend on specific and often very demanding applications. 2 The outcome of these applications can determine the health of the company. 3 Applications can ha ...more
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