When supply chains break down - How to compensate for crisis-related failures in your supply chain
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Renting warehouses – a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing

If there is a storage bottleneck in companies, they strive to quickly find a cost-effective solution to remedy this bottleneck. Buying is not always the best option in this regard, as it requires a large investment budget that takes up liquidity. ...more
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Expanding warehouse space - hall construction with system

Warehouses are used in various industries: logistics, automotive, packaging, beverage industry and many more are dependent on space for storage, order picking and production. The need for storage space is variable. Often a storage bottleneck can arise at very short notice, so that companies need more space as quickly as possible. The Corona crisis is currently having a global impact on the economy. ...more
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Finding your new warehouse is quick and easy

Our warehouses are cost-effective and available at short notice. They comply with building regulation and are suitable for a sustainable service life according to BS EN 1991. Use them as a permanent storage solution for a wide range of operational purposes or as a medium-term intermediate rental solution. Our warehouses offer cost and time savings due to shorter lead and assembly times in contrast to conventional solutions, such as steel buildings. Thanks to the flexible geometries of our warehouses, our customer base includes both medium-s ...more