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The Ideal Battery for Backup: Nickel-zinc battery technology improves TCO, safety and sustainability in data centers

Nickel-zinc (NiZn) is the world’s only high-power, fail-safe, fully recyclable battery technology which makes it an ideal choice for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup. Key attributes to consider with any battery...

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The smart buyer’s guide to flash

If you’re searching for the right data-storage method for your company, you’re probably over whelmed by the number of hybrid flash and all-flash storage options out there. So how can you figure out which solution gives you a st...

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IBM FlashSystem family

Managing, moving and storing large data volumes with great efficiency and enough performance to derive maximum value from data assets requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities, from intelligent system o...

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What is IBM FlashWatch? Peace of Mind Made Simple

Read this infographic in order to discover how IBM FlashSystem Family accelerates your workloads while providing peace of mind. It’s the confidence to purchase, own and upgrade your IBM Storage.

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By now it’s apparent to cybersecurity teams everywhere that the proverbial container genie is out of the bottle. Developers have widely embraced containers because they make building and deploying so- called cloud native applic...

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Today, the focus is less on the hardware underlying computing and more on the application itself – the thing that delivers actual value. We abstract computing away from the hardware as much as possible, in myriad ways: the conc...

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The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Materials and Parts Testing in Automotive and Aerospace

As the demand for lightweight and composite materials continues to grow, impact testing is becoming more and more critical to success in design and manufacturing. But how do you ensure that added testing requirements don’t tran...

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Electrifying a Movement: Connectivity for electric vehicle charging, energy storage, and controlled power management

Handheld, battery-powered devices are pervasive in our daily lives. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, leaf blowers, webcams, and drones (to name a few examples) are a part of everything we do. What once seemed like magic, are now ...

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Thermal Modeling for High Power Charging (HPC) of Electric Vehicles

Powertrain electrification, automation and increasing autonomy and the emergence of new mobility business models are the three dominant worldwide trends that are shaping the transformation to the next generation of mobility. Th...

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BCON+ Touch-safe bolt termination for traction batteries

TE Connectivity’s new BCON+ high voltage connection system is a versatile, compact, robust, and touch-safe solution for interconnecting cell modules inside a traction battery and high voltage connection points outside the batte...

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