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UK Smart Government 2019 Data-Driven Transformation

Modern governments across Europe must orchestrate an evolving array of services and functions required to support millions of people, often with a pressure to “do more with less” and under the glare of public scrutiny. The p...

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La nécessité de la transformation numérique

De nombreuses entreprises du secteur aérospatiale et défense petites ou grandes, poursuivent des projets de transformation numérique dans le but de devenir plus compétitives. Malheureusement, seul un petit pourcentage y parvien...

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The Critical Role of Surge Protection and Power Distribution in Protecting 5G mmWave Small Cell Networks

5G small cell sites typically consist of existing poles with attached concealed radio equipment and antennas, or more integrated poles packed with expensive electronic hardware. These densely packed nodes are increasingly susce...

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Smart Government 2019: Datengesteuerte Transformation in Europa

Obwohl Regierungen in ganz Europa im Hinblick auf ihre Weltanschauungen, Statuten und Verfassungen unterschiedlich sind, gibt es doch Gemeinsamkeiten, die uns alle verbinden. So stehen wir beispielsweise alle unter dem Druck, i...

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10 Schritte für eine proaktive Sicherheit

Immer wieder hört man, dass die Lage der Cybersicherheit sich geändert hat. Es stimmt: Cyberkriminelle entwickeln ihre Angriffsmethoden ständig weiter. Dabei muss man sich nicht nur wegen böswilliger Akteure Sorgen machen. In u...

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UK Smart Government 2019 Data-Driven Transformation - Research Report

Transitioning to citizen-centric service delivery, Brexit planning, implementing new digital services and adopting an evidence-based policy development are all transformational undertakings for the UK government and its departm...

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Data-Centric Government: In Numbers

Across government, phase one of digital transformation has made real progress. But what are the challenges up ahead, and how can you overcome them for future success? Let’s look at what the numbers tell us…

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Taking the next steps towards Data-Drieven Government: Your roadmap to digital transformation 2.0

The first and most obvious phase of digital transformation, the digitalisation of services, has been a significant success and is ongoing. A truly smart government that is capable of delivering citizen centricity, is eminently ...

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Les Administrations Intelligentes En 2019: La Transformation Centrée Sur Les Données En Europe

Malgré quelques variantes idéologiques, statutaires et constitutionnelles, les entreprises européennes du secteur public sont toutes unies par la pression commune d’en faire plus avec un minimum de ressources, le tout sous le r...

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Thumb original 200771 v2 ps emea public sector report 20pp aw online

Smart Government 2019: Data-Driven Transformation in Europe

Although governments across Europe may differ in their ideologies, statutes and constitution – there are common threads that unite us all are facing pressures to “do more with less” under a public spotlight. In supporting milli...

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