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Die globale Lage aus Sicht des Channels - Der Ransomware Report

Datto hat mehr als 1.400 Managed Service Provider (MSPs) weltweit zum Thema Ransomware befragt und die Ergebnisse in dem aktuellen Ransomware Report 2019 zusammengefasst. Laden Sie noch heute Ihr Exemplar herunter und erfahren ...

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Agile Integration Is Critical To Successful Digital Transformation Supporting Agile Delivery Teams

Agile integration — combining integration technologies, Agile delivery techniques, and cloud-native platforms to improve speed and security of software delivery — is a critical foundation for successful digital transformation. ...

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The value of business automation in a microservices world

This report investigates the prevailing trend toward the use of microservices by information technology (IT) departments within large, technologically complex organizations. Today, IT is being asked to: · Generate disruptive...

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The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products

This assessment shows that enterprises adopt Red Hat Fuse because they believe in a community-based open-source approach to integration for modernizing their integration infrastructure that delivers strong ROI. For these organi...

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Successful Agile Integration Requires A Culture Built On Agile Practices

Read this infographic to find out what makes the integration strategy successful.

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5 Reasons You Need a Modern ECM Approach

Companies need to move fast, adapt quickly, and innovate continuously. They must satisfy the demands of a modern workforce and technically savvy customer base. Can your enterprise content management (ECM) systems keep up? ...

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Formulating an agile integration strategy in the hybrid multi-cloud era

The modern digital business demands that enterprise and IT leaders continuously reexamine their customers’ experiences and expectations, improve business efficiencies and fend off threats from rivals. The ‘digital transformatio...

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Voordelen van een geïntegreerd HR Service Delivery Platform

PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform is een complete oplossing die naadloos is geïntegreerd met uw HRIS zoals SuccessFactors, Workday en andere systemen. Voor een ultieme digitale employee experience is een geïntegreerd HRI...

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Podstawy bezpieczeństwa maszyn - Ochrona operatorów, urządzenia i otoczenia jako element procedury uzyskania zgodności z normami

Znak CE na maszynach i urządzeniach jest nadawany po pomyślnym zakończeniu procedury uzyskania zgodności z normami. Podmiot wprowadzający maszynę do obrotu (producent) musi wykazać, że jego produkt został zaprojektowany i wykon...

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By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfa...

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