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Enterprise Storage Evolves Beyond All Flash with Storage-Class Memory, Unleashing a New Generation of Innovation

As enterprises undergo their digital transformation journeys, more and more of them are deploying real-time analytics workloads. It is proving difficult for enterprise arrays to provide the type of low-latency performance these workloads need, and customers are looking to NVMe and next-generation media like SCM to provide this performance. HPE is an early entrant in this space, providing an enterprise-class storage solution optimized for Intel Optane technology. This white paper discusses the evolving low-latency market requirements in the ente ...more

Redefining the standard for system availability

How Nimble Storage uses predictive analytics to achieve more than six nines availability across its entire installed base Businesses in every sector are increasingly reliant on applications to handle everything from back-end operations to the delivery of new products, services, and customer experiences. That is why infrastructure system availability and the elimination of unplanned downtime are more important than ever before. Recent research has shown that the average cost of an hour of downtime is about half-a-million dollars, and this wi ...more

Companies do not protect their cloud data

Many companies distrust cloud providers - but the right precautions to protect the data are still not taken. This is shown by the latest Cloud Security Report from Check Point. 40 percent of the companies surveyed have already been involved in cloud security incidents or at least cannot rule them out. One of the headaches for companies is compliance with regulatory guidelines....more on

Artificial Intelligence in Software-Defined SIGINT Systems

As wireless protocols grow more complex, spectrum environments become more contested and electronic warfare increases in sophistication. Read how you can combine artificial intelligence and deep learning with commercial off-the-shelf software defined radio hardware to train algorithms. You can teach them to detect new threats faster, reduce development risk and support burden, and deploy in signals intelligence and spectrum monitoring scenarios limited by SWaP (size, weight, and power). ...more

Key Considerations for Powertrain HIL Test

Safety, availability, and cost considerations can make performing thorough tests of embedded control devices using the complete system impractical. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a real-time test technique used to test these devices more efficiently. During HIL test, the physical system that interfaces to an embedded control device is simulated on real-time hardware, and the outputs of the simulator mimic the actual output of the physical system. The embedded controller “thinks” it is in a real system. HIL simulation meticulously test ...more

Hyundai Kefico Improves Test Time by 15 Percent

Hyundai Kefico needed to meet manufacturing test deadlines for increasingly complex powertrain electronic control units (ECUs) with over 200 pins and 20,000 test steps, while staying competitive. They were able to achieve flexible test system configurations of all powertrain ECU types and reusable procedures that guaranteed test coverage alignment from R&D to manufacturing. Explore this NI case study, to learn: • How Hyundai Kefico went from developing a new tester for every new ECU, with minimum reuse, to creating a Common Platform Tes ...more

Danger by (e-)mail

The risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack via e-mail remains very high: last year, over 40 percent of companies were victims of a mail attack. This was the finding of a recent study by Barracuda. Among other things, the affected companies had to struggle with the impairment of business processes, loss of productivity and costs resulting directly from the attacks....more on

The Forrester WaveTM: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q3 2018

in our 36-criterion evaluation of software-based hyperconverged infrastructure (HCi) providers, we identified the 11 most significant ones — Cisco, dataCore, Hewlett Packard enterprise (HPe), Huawei, Maxta, Netapp, Nutanix, Pivot3, Scale Computing, Stratoscale, and vMware — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report details our findings about how well each vendor scored on the criteria and where they stand in relation to each other. infrastructure and operations (i&o) professionals can use this evaluation to select the right par ...more

Ransomware and Co: Mobile Security Remains a Challenge

Android Filecoder.C is the name of the extortionary Trojan whose rapid spread ESET has been observing since mid-July. The strategy of the ransomware can now be understood relatively clearly: Via an infected link in online forums, the ransomware initially settled on a limited number of smartphones. ...more

Harness Digital To Modernize Education

Modernizing Digital Technology In Education To Deliver Exceptional Experiences The advent of digital technology has impacted every facet of society and is now an integral part of how consumers, enterprises, and public sector organizations interact, work, and access information. The Education sector is no different. New and powerful digital technology is driving major changes in how students, teachers, administrators, and participants in the education arena teach, learn, and interact with each other and with their environment. PROJECT BACK ...more
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