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Unified Compliance

Financial institutions must now grapple with compliance demands: recording all communications due to regulations like Dodd-Frank, KYC, AML, MAR and MiFID II. At the same time, regulators are moving to stricter enforcement and intensifying fines – witness SEC’s $2 billion and ESMA’s €21 million MiFID II penalties as examples. Remote working is also amplifying the use of apps and collaboration tools (WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom etc) and with it, compliance challenges. Navigating the balance between compliance and workplace productivity is therefore ...more
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Navigating Scale-up Success: Conquer the Top 3 Scalability Challenges

While some startups fail, others succeed. According to Small Biz Trends, the most important factors for startup success in 2023 are: • A strong team. • A clear vision. • A differentiated product or service. • Ability to execute the vision. • Adaptability to change. At this point, selecting a trustworthy technological partner with the ability to leverage extensive firsthand experience in supporting scale-ups is crucial. They need understanding the context and unique needs of your product, allowing you to focus on the top 3 prioritie ...more
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Lock in Success: PitechPlus' Tech Strategy and Consulting Services

Are you facing challenges such as: managing increased data volume, maintaining your platform performance, ensuring seamless technology integration and coding guidance respect? Our Services and Consulting category offers a holistic solution suite tailored to optimize your business's performance and efficiency. We can evaluate your systems for optimal functionality, provide tailored solutions for seamless integration and scalability, enhance your operational efficiency, and offer insightful strategies to align technology with your business ...more
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Elevate, Innovate, Protect: Your Journey to Modern Business Excellence

Are you ready to elevate your business operations into the modern digital landscape? In today's interconnected world, where data flows seamlessly across digital domains, the safeguarding of sensitive information and the seamless scalability of resources have become paramount. Cybersecurity and Cloud Services are not just buzzwords – they are the bedrock upon which modern businesses thrive. The intricate dance between robust cybersecurity measures and the limitless potential of cloud solutions has reshaped the way we operate, innovate, and pr ...more
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Optimize Operations: Intelligent Automation Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Experience a future where efficiency and innovation converge with our cutting-edge Inteligent Automation solutions. Join us on a journey where the power of Intelligent Automation boosts your business, delivering improved efficiency, error reduction, and limitless scalability. Our services are designed to seamlessly automate repetitive and mundane tasks, liberating your workforce to concentrate on strategic initiatives. We provide comprehensive automation solutions that can be integrated into your existing software ecosystem without disruptio ...more