The Robots Are Here: How AI and ML Automation Solutions Can Solve Business Problems

In 2018 we published a paper called The Robots are Coming. Over just a few years, they’ve not only arrived, but the ubiquity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is shaping our attitudes and expectations about managing risk and compliance, business optimization, and employee experiences. ...more

7 Steps to Build a More Resilient and Adaptable Enterprise

In today’s business environment, change can happen fast. From new competitors that seem to appear overnight to global circumstances that affect companies worldwide to a surprise increase in sales demand, it can be difficult to manage change without flexibility and cash-flow control. To stay resilient through unexpected circumstances, visibility into costs and control over how your business’s funds are spent are imperative to create the operational agility needed for business continuity. Without visibility and the tools to act, it’s difficult ...more

How do recruits view you? - Hiring the best candidates by giving them the best hiring experience

When the global outlook is uncertain, you need to be positive you have the right people in the right roles. It is more important than ever to attract the best possible talent. Your recruits’ first experience with you, in other words, needs to leave a lasting impression. Today’s workforce looks beyond salary and benefits to more subtle things, like how quickly you respond postinterview and how easily they’re reimbursed for expenses incurred during the interview process. After all, if you don’t treat them well while you’re wooing them, how ...more

Make Things Easier for Employees, and Things Get Better for You

What’s good for employees is good for the organisation. Automating travel, expense, and invoice processes boosts engagement, productivity, and savings. It’s a simple formula, yet it improves the working experience for every single person in your organisation. And as the employee experience gets better, so does the customer experience — right along with your products, your productivity, and your profits. Organisations that create exceptional experiences for employees see exceptional results. ...more

Top Tips for Improving VAT Compliance: 10 actions you can take to protect against audits and penalties, and maximise your profitability

Did you know? Some countries – including the Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and Poland among others – require the buyer’s company VAT ID to be on the invoice to be valid for VAT reclaim. In Denmark and some other countries, the amount of VAT eligible for reclaim is dependent on the circumstance. Dining in qualifies for 25% VAT recovery while 100% of catering expenses for office meetings, seminars and so forth can be reclaimed. In Germany, different VAT rates apply for public transportation and taxis within and beyond a trip ...more