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NI Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Collection: Test Early and Often to Maximize Innovation

As systems gain complexity, embedded software is exploding. Testing this software is crucial for product success, but ensuring it’s vetted for the full spectrum of real-world scenarios is a huge undertaking. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing brings real-world testing scenarios through software models that allow embedded software to send and receive real inputs and outputs. This white paper collection will discuss what HIL is, how it can benefit your organization and how NI can help you get started. ...more
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Which topics interested fleet managers most about company cars 2018?

What is new in alternative mobility, what are the best vehicle models and what is legally relevant in the use of company cars this year or next? – These are the topics that have interested fleet managers the most this year. This is shown by a recent survey by the DSP selfcampaign.   Alternatives to diesel: electric, hybrid or petrol? A total of 153,123 articles read were evaluated. Almost 12 percent of the articles read by decision-makers who were taken into consideration for our study dealt with the topics "electric drive", "alternati ...more
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Testing the Vehicle ECUs of Tomorrow Today – The NI Automotive Journal

Stay up to date with the latest automotive industry testing trends, including best practices in validation and production test, as well as NI solutions for test application requirements. Be sure that you can test the vehicles of tomorrow today. Featured Content: Understand the breadths of our HIL solutions, from ADAS to EV Learn about the model-based design and test approach to keep up with the complex DUT Find out NI's collaborations with software and IT companies for HIL applications to resolve today's complex challenges ...more
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6 top skills needed for the Internet of Things

As one of the most revolutionary technology inclinations of the modern world, the Internet of Things (IoT) only seems to be heading in an upward trajectory. Thus, there is need for the modern day workforce to adopt some skill sets that will maximize on their marketability. Here are some of the hot skills that will be sought after in the flourishing Internet of Things.   1. Information security  Cyber security will be one of the most sought after skill. As systems become interlinked, the potential for data attacks increases. Thus, cyber ...more