Retailers' Guide to Navigating Through Continuous Disruption in 2021

How to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Retail Environment. Acxiom and Treasure Data invite you to a discussion with our retail experts. Michele Fitzpatrick, Retail Customer Experience Consultant at Acxiom, and David McCarty, CPG expert at Treasure Data. They will guide this discussion around what they think the future looks like for the industry, along with some practical guidance on what retailers can do now to improve their business outlook for this year and beyond. ...more

Customer Data Platforms: 5 Things That Make a CDP Great

CDPs are popular for everything from omnichannel personalization to predictive analytics and new customer acquisition. But a great CDP has these 5 features. ...more

Treasure Talks: The Value of Customer Data Platforms

Consumers are generating massive amounts of digital data which result in complex customer journeys. In this video Kaz Ohta, CTO of Treasure Data explains how this trend is changing the way marketers build online and offline experiences that influence customers. Learn strategies for customer data proliferation by CDOs and CMOs to provide their teams with critical data resources to market to the modern consumer. ...more

Preparing for a Future Without Third-Party Cookies & IDFA: What advertisers are doing to navigate the uncertain digital advertising future with success

How customer data is accelerating success for CDP-using OEMs and auto dealers. Advertisers are no strangers to the pressure of privacy regulation and the significant updates major partners are making in the name of privacy. At present, many are focused on managing the fallout from Apple's latest update to iOS 14 which requires all app developers and publishers to adhere to its AppTrackingTransparency framework, which now requires consumer opt-in to share its identifier for advertisers, or IDFA. Even more are actively working to anticipate si ...more

The State of CDPs: Data Unification, Activation & Compliance

In the last two years, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are increasingly a hot topic in enterprise C-suites and in the top leadership ranks of corporate marketing departments. Enterprise leaders are intently eying CDPs as critical marketing technology for audience-centric, cross-platform, omnichannel marketing. ...more