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Automotive Research User Handbook

Within the next 10 years, we will see remarkable change in the automotive industry. From improved engine efficiency to autonomous vehicles to electrification, innovation will begin in academic institutions around the world. NI ...

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Key Considerations for Powertrain HIL Test

Safety, availability, and cost considerations can make performing thorough tests of embedded control devices using the complete system impractical. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a real-time test technique used to tes...

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The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Transport and Logistics businesses are changing rapidly and adopting new technology options for efficiency and cost advantage. This creates new challenges for professionals working in marketing and customer service operations i...

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Service & Maintenance - Gaining a Competitive Edge with best end-to-end Service Experience

In the manufacturing or field service area, customer satisfaction and operational costs and time have great impact on the business success. And nowhere else do you have so many opportunities to be ahead of the competition than ...

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Movilizer For Maintenance Technicians

Challenges • You need to handle more complex machines and greater workload with the same team? • You need to quickly improve your machine uptime and minimize your operating costs? • You are under pressure to achieve operat...

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Save Time And Money - Honeywell BWTW Ultra

When you perform tasks in potentially gas-hazardous confined spaces, reliable performance monitoring is essential to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. Honeywell BWTM Ultra is the most intuitive five-gas detector o...

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Honeywell BWTW Solo

On high-risk work sites, health and safety managers are more challenged than ever to comply with increasingly stringent industry regulations while keeping costs from spiraling out of control. The Honeywell BWTM Solo is the co...

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BWTM Gas Detectors

When worker safety is your number one priority, get smart, reliable and easy-to-use solutions that help keep your team out of harm’s way. Connect and monitor data in real time from remote locations to make life-saving decisions...

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Five Innovations To Make You Rethink Gas Detection

It’s a fact: A proactive approach to gas detection, using innovative tools and techniques, helps keep workers safe and operations running smoothly. When it comes to detecting in hazardous work environments, a difference of just...

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Five Innovations To Make You Rethink Gas Detection

Honeywell BWTM proactive safety solutions keep workers protected and productive in high-risk locations. Explore this convenient safety guide to learn how our newest innovations can help you and your crew breathe easier.

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