The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management

Thumb original the complete guide to marketing work management

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management (MWM)—a proven methodology for managing marketing and creative work. For the typical creative services team or in-house agency, chaos is the norm—constant work requests, interruptions, overflowing email inboxes, shifting client expectations, and long hours are often the rule rather than the exception. Work chaos is why nearly 60 percent of creative workers are either completely overwhelmed or barely meeting their deadlines1 and why only 14 percent of creative leaders say they are extremely satisfied with their current situation.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about the MWM methodology—why you need it, what it is, its guiding principles, and strategies you can implement throughout every phase of your team’s workflow to improve visibility and gain more time to focus on creative work. When you manage work the MWM way, you’ll be able to:

• Balance your workloads so they aren’t unbearable
• Justify your value to both clients and executives
• Prioritize work according to strategic value
• Gain better data and insights
• Optimize your resources
• Improve team communication and collaboration
• Accelerate the approval process
• Define and achieve successful outcomes
• Gain visibility into your entire workflow

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