Powering Growth and Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World

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Learn how an Active Everywhere architecture provides infinite scale, high availability, and a consistent enterprise data layer across on-premise, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

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The Key To Enterprise Hybrid Multicloud Strategy

As enterprise IT readily embraces public cloud technologies, on-premises and private cloud usage continues to grow. On-premises is not going away as a critical part of IT infrastructure strategy; instead, organizations are meshing together various types of IT infrastructure to meet their needs. Organizations that can bring together on-premises with public cloud strategically will be best positioned for operational excellence.

Public cloud trends have garnered growing coverage over the last several years, but the increased attention on transi ...

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Multicloud Strategies for Your Enterprise

Multicloud deployments are now the norm for enterprise organizations, with a mix of public cloud solutions — SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS — and private cloud environments, either on-premises or with a provider.

Most organizations leverage different cloud platforms across multiple service providers because no single cloud environment or cloud provider can meet their needs for application, data, and infrastructure support.

The movement of applications and data between these different environments today is at an all time high. This application “chur ...

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PCLM Innovation Drives Competitive Differentiation In 2020

Cloud-based PC management, PC-as-a-service (PCaaS), and digital workspaces are gaining traction as modern approaches to end user computing. Why? They enable organizations to support a great employee experience (EX), alleviate IT management pressure, and enhance the security posture of the enterprise. Above all though, cloud-based management stands out as the backbone of all of these innovations, enabling faster device refresh, better access to apps and data, and a more automated employee onboarding process.

Organizations are ready for cloud- ...

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Freedom to make the most of AWS

Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS Optimization saves you time so you can take advantage of AWS.

It is tempting to think that it is just the journey to AWS that is complex. Fully exploiting the benefits of the tools and opportunities the AWS platform offers is equally as difficult. At a technical level, there is ongoing infrastructure management and application monitoring. At a business level, there is the need to ensure that the new technology is supporting you to achieve your organizational objectives.

Read more about Fujitsu Cloud Service ...

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Accelerate your journey to AWS

Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS cuts through the complexity so your business can quickly exploit everything AWS has to offer.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables your business to thrive in the digital age. It offers leading development tools and cutting-edge technologies that can transform how your organization operates. But moving to AWS is a complex process – especially if you have critical legacy systems and well-established processes and procedures in place. This complexity can mean a lengthy and costly migration with greater operational ri ...

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