Keep them coming back - Your guide to building customer loyalty with analytics

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How loyal are your most loyal customers?

Whether you call them customers, clients, patrons, guests or patients, customers are your organization’s most important asset. And that means customer loyalty should be among your top priorities.

No matter when or where the customer journey begins – from websites and online chat to physical locations and call centers – customers expect you to provide a unique and personal experience.

How can you use data and analytics to recognize your best customers across channels and know exactly where they are in their customer journey?

Keep reading to find out.

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Date: 20 June 2016, 7:34 am   |   Provider: SAS Institute GmbH   |   Size: 887 KB   |   Language: English
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The Evolution of Analytics

What good are all those massive Hadoop data sets if you can't analyze them all? Or if it takes you weeks juts to get the results? Combining the power of SAS Anlaystics with Hadoop lets you go from big data to brilliant decisions in seconds. And it all happens in a single, easy-to-use, interactive environment so you get faster answers with greater insight. ...

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The New Approach to Big, Complex and Always-On Data

Get Ready for a Data-Driven World

Some organizations use analytics to track the flow of information in their IT systems, looking for behavior that might indicate a hack is occurring. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical, medical and other life science companies are pooling data from their research to find trends to beat cancer.

Add to that industrial machines that predict when maintenance is needed and cars that drive themselves, and one thing is clear: Data – and how we evaluate it – is changing the world.

Welcome to the new age of information. ...

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Smart Government 2019: Data-Driven Transformation in Europe

Although governments across Europe may differ in their ideologies, statutes and constitution – there are common threads that unite us all are facing pressures to “do more with less” under a public spotlight. In supporting millions of people, progressive governments in Europe share the need to prioritise and choreograph a growing array of services and to harness digital technologies in their transformation efforts.

Following “Smart Government – the Big Balancing Act”, a study of UK government departments released in early 2018, this research ...

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VSI Labs is a leading technology researcher for companies that develop systems or components used in ADAS and automated driving applications. In June of 2018, HERE Technologies became a sponsor of VSI’s research vehicle. HERE sought to have their high definition (HD) maps integrated into VSI’s Ford Fusion research vehicle to test various driving applications. They were also looking to grow the reach of their brand through vehicle press opportunities.

Most L2 solutions available today perform lanekeeping using cameras to detect roads’ lane li ...

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Using Location Data to Understand the Offline Impacts of Online Efforts

Using location-based marketing to drive foot traffic to stores is one of the smartest strategies advertisers can employ today, but it’s coupled with a conundrum: How will they determine if their money was well spent?

Traditional metrics like click-through and conversion rates may be useful for measuring the online effectiveness of digital media campaigns, but they fall short when the goal is understanding offline impacts. Data scientists are beginning to connect the dots between data systems to map out a customer’s movements throughout the d ...

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