Deploy SAP HANA® at your own pace and within your budget

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Achieve exceptional return on investment (ROI) and business value from SAP HANA by deploying it on the FlashStack® converged-infrastructure (CI) solution from Pure Storage and Cisco.

In this age of digital transformation, SAP HANA® has become the gold standard for modern businesses seeking real-time analytics and the insights they provide. The SAP HANA platform offers businesses a way to tap into the flood of data available from the Internet of Things
(IoT), internal business applications, social media, and the vast increase in mobile devices. Organizations can use the SAP HANA platform to roll out innovative apps and services that help generate new revenue streams. And if your business is currently running SAP® Business Suite on a traditional relational database-management system (RDBMS) such as Oracle® Database 12c, Microsoft® SQL Server®, or IBM® DB2®, the incentive to move to the SAP HANA platform is even stronger because you only have until 2025 to complete your migration before SAP ends support for SAP Business Suite on those platforms.

With so much incentive, what’s holding companies back? For many businesses, the predominant answer is cost. After all, the initial migration to SAP HANA, including licensing, infrastructure, deployment, and support, can easily exceed $1–2 million, as demonstrated in the “Pure Storage FlashStack for IoT Solution” white paper from SAP.1 Companies need to justify that cost by demonstrating clear business value and ROI. But even the exceptional speeds that the SAP HANA platform brings to analytics might not provide a quantifiable increase in value for the business — especially in the short-run. Without quantifiable benefits, businesses can have a hard time measuring and identifying an overall ROI that justifies the heavy upfront investment.
Pure Storage® FlashStack® can help you overcome the obstacles blocking your migration to the SAP HANA platform. The CI solution can help you reduce upfront and ongoing hardware costs, achieve clear business benefits, and achieve a faster ROI, so you can begin your digital transformation today.

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